Drone Insurance

Haley Hughey

Client Services Manager

Direct: 720.746.3250

Haley brings 15 years of combined Aviation and Commercial Property & Casualty insurance experience to our team. After graduating from Greensboro College in North Carolina, Haley moved to Atlanta, GA, where she worked as a flight attendant for a large commercial carrier. In 2001, she changed her career path and began working for an Aviation Insurance Company. She quickly mastered the analytic skill-set required to advance before shifting her focus to the agency side. In 2003, she obtained her Commercial Property & Casualty License and managed client accounts while building strong working relationships. Haley joined AirSure Limited, LLC for a brief stint in the Fall of 2005, as an Account Manager, before returning to Atlanta the following Spring to support her husband’s career growth. She worked with a local insurance agency for 7 years managing commercial aviation risks and then transitioned to an underwriting position with an Inland Marine insurance carrier. Due to fortunate circumstances, Haley and her husband transferred back to Colorado in the Spring of 2015 and she has joined AirSure Limited, LLC once again. She looks forward to building new relationships and providing quality service to her clients.