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About Us

AirSure has been focused on the aviation industry since its inception more than 30 years ago.

Under the leadership of CEO Bill Behan, we have built a reputation for service, integrity, and commitment. We serve customers worldwide, in virtually all types of operations and working conditions. From the Alaska wilderness to the growing demand of the Pacific Rim, our staff provides expert guidance and counsel on insurance and risk management based upon real world aviation experience and expertise.

While our competition has continued to divide its attention among a variety of industries and disciplines, AirSure has remained dedicated to offering a level of capability and service unmatched in the aviation industry.

From our offices in Golden, Colorado and Dallas, Texas, our worldwide clout gives us the kind of negotiating strength it takes to provide customers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective coverage possible – and provides an even higher level of capability and assurance to every customer we serve.




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