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If you are a turbine pilot or thinking of transitioning to a turbine powered aircraft, insurance is an important part of your flight plan.  Our Part 91 Specialty Team knows how to approach the market for the best coverage fit for you and your aircraft.

Whether you fly a single engine turbo-prop or a jet... we understand the intricacies about your aircraft, required pilot training and what it takes to make your insurance experience with us seamless.

Our Part 91 clients enjoy:

- A streamlined process for quoting new and renewal business

- Options that fit your specific needs and circumstances

- An in-house Claims Manager to assist and advise with any loss, large or small

- Working with professionals who have a deep understanding of various aircraft and pilot requirements

- In addition; we are able to secure smooth limits of liability for most of our clients

To receive a quote, please complete these forms and email to jkennedy@airsure.com: