Drone Insurance

What Should I Do?

1. First of all, arrange medical attention for any person that requires it.

2. It is important to protect your aircraft from further damage and to prevent it from becoming a safety hazard to others. That means the aircraft can be moved if necessary to avoid risk and endangerment to others. A guard can be hired to stay with the aircraft if there is risk of avionics theft or vandalism.

3. Do not admit fault.

4. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except AirSure Limited, your insurance company, and government officials (FAA, NTSB, Police, etc). At the time of an accident you cannot know all of the circumstances that may have contributed to the accident or incident. Further investigation will reveal those facts.

5. Notify AirSure Limited promptly by calling:

303-526-5300 x3276 or 312-602-9545 and ask for Greg Stock

6. Obtain, document, photograph as much information as possible by utilizing the “6 Questions to Ask” guidelines.